"Happiness isn’t defined by the way you look, it doesn’t just happen to the people who are under nine stone, it isn’t reserved for the pert-boobed and the great-haired, there’s someone for everyone. Even if you’re sixteen stone. Even if you’re mad. There’s a Finn out there for you.”

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Sou mestre na arte de falar em silêncio.
Toda a minha vida falei calando-me
e vivi em mim mesmo tragédias inteiras
sem pronunciar uma palavra.

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I love how happy and carefree they look. I love how she looks at him with such a goofy grin as she brings her hands across him. I LOVE WHEN HE LOOKS DOWN AT HER FINGERS LACING ACROSS HIM. And I love how happy they both are to be that close.

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" It was the greatest date in the history of dating."

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Reblog if you live in South America


I’m really curious about what the distribution of tumblr users looks like worldwide…

Africa  Asia  Europe  Australasia  Central America  North America  (Antarctica???)

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Dizem por aí, mas não tenho certeza, que meu sorriso fica mais feliz quando te vejo, dizem também que meus olhos brilham, dizem também que é amor, mas isso sim é certeza.

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